Massage has countless benefits for your body and mind but fitting regular massage therapy appointments into your routine is not always an easy feat. When life gets busy and you find there is less time available for self-care, getting a massage can often be put on the backburner. But what if we told you there are ways to make massage one of your priorities?

It’s true – massage doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-while treat or something to do on special occasions. You can incorporate it into the activities you already have set for yourself in your routine. At Massage Experts, we provide a seamless experience for our customers to easily add a massage service on a day and time that best fits within their schedule with one of our talented, expert massage therapists.

This article will take you through some of the ways you can easily incorporate regular massage into your routine. That way it becomes a self-care task that is much more manageable and easier to stick to.

Why should massage therapy be incorporated into your routine?

Before we get into some of the ways you can incorporate regular massage into your routine, let’s discuss the reasons why it should be there in the first place.

One of the main reasons why massage can be a beneficial addition to your routine is because of the stress-relieving, relaxation boosting qualities it provides. We all face stressful situations in our life, but when it becomes consistent and overwhelming, stress can show up within our bodies as various physical and emotional symptoms.

Getting a massage can be an extremely relaxing activity because you can focus entirely on yourself, while improving body aches and pains, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, and releasing those “feel good” brain hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Massage also helps loosen any muscle strain within your body that can cause circulation and muscle tightness concerns, and it can help keep your body feeling and functioning at its best.

It can also help improve specific concerns for a variety of individuals. For instance, if you are an athlete or an active person, sports massage therapy, in particular, can help to improve performance. For those who suffer from migraines, massage can target specific trigger points to improve blood circulation to the head and neck. There are also various types of massages that can benefit seniors who experience conditions like arthritis or poor circulation.

Even if there is no specific concern you’re looking to treat, and you simply want more “me time,” massage can do exactly that. Now, let’s uncover some simple ways to incorporate it into your regular routine.

Make appointments in advance

One of the best ways to make massage a regular occurrence in your life is by booking several appointments in advance. Of course, life happens, and you might not be able to always make your appointment, but this way you can book for another day and time right there on the spot.

*Please see our Cancellation Policy for details on missed appointments.

Booking in advance can also help you plan your schedule. Let’s say you have massages booked twice a week. By marking it in your calendar, you can plan around those days and make massage a priority.

Many of us don’t prioritize self-care and push more “important” tasks instead. But in reality, self-care is an important task and should be prioritized, especially since self-care activities like getting a massage can positively influence so many other areas in our life. Booking multiple appointments can help achieve this.

Schedule a shorter massage to focus on specific areas

The idea that massages need to take up a large chunk of time is simply not true. Many of us have tightly booked schedules that don’t leave a lot of time to unwind. If that’s the case for you, why not book a massage to target one specific area of your body that is causing some discomfort?

For example, if your shoulders are tense from using your computer all day, book a 30-minute massage appointment where your massage therapist can focus on reducing tension and improving blood flow in your upper back and shoulders. This can do wonders when you’re back at it on your computer, and reduce the likelihood of repeated pain in that area.

Of course, a full-body therapeutic or deep tissue massage can offer many benefits to areas throughout your body, which we have available in 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes increments. But if you find you only have enough time in your schedule for a shorter massage, and there are specific concerns that you want to address, this can be a great way to achieve comfort and relaxation, without feeling you are taking up too much of your day.

Add a massage for post-workout recovery

After working out, the body needs time to recover, especially if you put your muscles through a lot of strain. A great thing about massage is that it can help reduce the pain and discomfort that muscle tightness and contractions cause, which can improve how you feel and function every day. When we shift our body to a relaxation response, such as through massage, our stress hormones decrease, and any tightness in the body begins to loosen.

When we have sore tissues or knots, there can be a lack of blood circulation as a result. However, through the skilled, therapeutic techniques of our massage therapists, we can enhance circulation, which can reduce swelling and promote healing. Bodies also have something called muscle memory, which can kick in when we get repeated massages. In other words, the more massages you receive, the more likely your body will feel relaxed and less achy over time.

If you book time at the gym or with a trainer, scheduling massage appointments afterward can be just as easy. By doing so, working out and massage can become synonymous with each other, which is a great way to incorporate it into your routine.

Make it a massage group date

Do you meet up with friends once a week? Maybe you have a group of co-workers that you want to spend more time with after work? Group massages can be a great way to get everyone involved, and it can help you to stick to a more consistent schedule if you know others will motivate you to go.

Our Relaxation Dates provide the perfect chance for everyone to benefit from massage. Our clinics can accommodate a group of at least two people at the same time (based on the number of rooms and massage therapists available) but in the comfort of your own private treatment room.

Join a massage membership

A membership can help you commit to going somewhere, which is why we offer our customers a free Club MEx program that offers a range of benefits. How does it work? You come into our clinic once per month for 12 months, and if you miss a month, you can visit twice another month. Once you completed the 12 months, your membership stays in our system on a monthly basis. Club MEx provides tons of savings so that you can focus strictly on becoming a more relaxed you.

If you are ready to get regular massages into your routine, contact a Massage Experts location near you to get started. Your body will thank you!