Massage therapy includes the word therapy for a reason – one session might leave you feeling great, but the consistency of repeated sessions can result in accumulating benefits for your muscles, joints, and overall wellbeing over a long-term basis.

Our muscles can benefit immensely from massage as it can help relieve areas that cause tightness, pain and strain, and can help keep our body feeling and functioning at its best. However, for our muscles to really feel the benefits of massage, maintaining a consistent schedule can make a world of difference.

Massage Improves Muscle Memory

Muscle memory occurs when we repeatedly use certain muscles to engage in physical activity over a long period of time. Whether these actions occur consistently over our lifetime or they are newly implemented, the results are the same – repeated practice can make the action occur more naturally within us and with less effort. For example, you will likely remember how to ride a bike, even if you haven’t ridden one for years.

Alternatively, muscle memory can negatively impact our bodies if the repeated practice causes chronic pain. An example of this is poor posture; when we sit or lie in a position that strains our back, over time, this will become a natural position for the spine, which can lead to bigger issues long-term.

Applying the idea of muscle memory to massage, repeated exposure of relaxation on our muscles through expert therapeutic techniques can become a familiar feeling for your body. Instead of the constant aches and pains that you may feel daily, you may begin to notice your muscles responding positively to their more relaxed state. With regularly repeated massages, muscle memory will kick in and those feelings will last for longer increments.

Massage Loosens Strain

There are numerous benefits to massage, such as increased circulation and tissue relaxation, and improvements in mood, but one of the main advantages is its impact on muscles. Muscle tightness and contractions can cause pain and discomfort, which can impact day-to-day functioning.

When we get a massage, our body’s relaxation response takes effect: our stress hormones in our body begin to decrease, and tight muscles loosen and relax. This happens due to enhanced circulation and blood supply. When muscle knots or sore tissue areas in our body are stretched, that tight feeling can begin to fade, and there is a better flow of oxygen through our muscles and tissues. This can promote healing, reduce swelling, and remove any excess of built-up fluid. Experiencing these benefits routinely can keep our body “ahead of the game” so that pain, tightness, and a lack of circulation do not have a chance to form.

Whether you require maintenance massages or mending-focused massages, Massage Experts is here to help get you started on a consistent massage schedule with our monthly membership plan. We hope to see you soon at one of our locations nearest you!