Massage therapy is now so widespread that most people, even if they haven’t had it themselves, understand the need and the benefits.  But…massage therapy for children? Don’t kids always “bounce back”? Don’t kids heal more quickly? Do kids really need techniques that are more associated with aging?

The answers may surprise you.

Can children benefit from Massage Therapy?

True, children are more flexible and less likely to be hampered by a minor injury than an adult would. But that doesn’t mean they’re avoiding the same stresses and strains that adults experience. Sports, dance, gymnastics, karate – the kids are building and using muscles just as an adult does. The stresses and strains are the same – and if the child has poor stretching routines or ineffective post-activity maintenance, there can be damage. In fact, childhood injuries, even muscle tension and “knots,” can linger even into adulthood.

And it isn’t just the effects of sports and other physical activities. Children are at equal risk from sedentary habits – long hours hunched over smartphones or tablets, or slouching at their desk in school, poor posture while carrying heavy backpacks. Many children and young adults are already beginning to have visible issues with the development of their spine with a forward head posture. It’s a recipe for chronic issues as an adult.

This is where Massage Therapy can play an important role.

Massage Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive way to help reduce poor posture and muscle tension. In addition to the immediate benefits to the muscles and spine, it improves circulation. It also has important side benefits. It teaches proper self-care techniques and better health maintenance. In fact, it’s been shown to have positive health benefits for infants as well children, promoting baby’s growth and development, improving sleeping patterns, stimulating brain growth and sensory awareness, and promoting better muscle tone.

Where to begin? A Registered Massage Therapist will create a detailed plan specific to your child’s individual needs. This will include proper stretching routines and suggestions on how to combat poor posture so your child benefits in between sessions. You’ll be fully involved and can even sit in the room during the first few sessions, so you and your child are 100% comfortable.

Many family health insurance plans already have coverage for their children, and more and more parents are seeing Massage Therapy as a logical and beneficial complement to the sports, dance classes and other physical activities for which they’ve enrolled their children.

At Massage Experts, we offer a comprehensive and exceptional child therapeutic service provided by our Registered Massage Therapists. Our calm and welcoming space allows you and your child to step away from the stresses of everyday life and into a path of healthy living at affordable prices.

If you love going for a massage, you can bet your children will, too!