Why Massage Experts

At Massage Experts, you can feel the difference!

From the moment you walk through the doors of a Massage Experts’ clinic, until the end of your service with us, you can feel that we care. We live in a stressful world, so we aim for our clinic locations to be warm, inviting, and relaxing for our guests. We hire based not only on qualifications, but personality. That includes our accepted Franchisees, Administrative Team, and Service Providers. Our goal is to be the neighborhood choice for Massage Therapy. In order to achieve that goal;

  • We look for convenient locations for our guests
  • We are open extended hours for our guests
  • We have the best technology for our guests
  • We seek out the best hires for our guests
  • We offer financial options for our guests

Above our philosophy of care, we offer all clinic guests an introductory First Visit rate, just to try us out. This gives everyone equal opportunity to come in and enjoy a well-deserved massage. This can be for a relaxing massage, or a deeper therapy. Every guest has a different need and desired outcome, and we personalize our approach to their unique health and wellness needs.

Our appointment booking technology offers a superior experience, yet simplistic approach. Guests simply chose their service type along with preferred date, time. Once chosen, they give us their basic contact information. From there, our systems sends an immediate email confirmation. During the process, they can also see the pictures and biographies of their potential service providers; this will help them understand their specialties and qualifications. This makes the booking process more comfortable and transparent.

The booking process is easy and simple and can even be done from a smartphone. Many appointments are booked same day! Bookings for Massage Experts can be facilitated through the;

  • Massage Experts’ website
  • Massage Experts’ APP
  • Clinic’s individual Facebook page

After experiencing Massage Experts for the first time, guests are then encouraged to sign-up for our FREE monthly membership program – Club MEx. They then enter into a contractual agreement for one year, committing to one massage per month. Something that we all need! There is no membership fee to join Club MEx.

  • Preferred prices on Massage Therapy
  • Discounts on retail products
  • A special rate to enjoy a birthday massage
  • Family member rates


Our model sets us apart from our competition, and provides added value to our Clinic Guests!