Welcome to your future,
with a Massage Experts franchise!

Have you been searching for the perfect business opportunity?

Are you looking for a business you can be proud of; one that allows you to be instrumental in helping people, and gives you operational simplicity and peace-of-mind?

Do you want to own a business but yet still have time for your family and friends?

Come and learn more about our Team of Experts, and what dreams may come!

It’s an exciting time for the Massage Industry!

The massage therapy industry is thriving throughout North America and the World. As the population tries a more natural treatment over today’s pharmaceutical medicines, there is a need for massage therapy and other holistic approaches to healing. Massage therapy results affect not only people seeking pain relief, but also those seeking options for rest and relaxation. It’s an industry with multiple purposes.

Massage Experts is your neighbourhood choice for membership massage therapy. Our concept is designed to help you feel better, more often. Massage Experts has developed a fresh, modern, gender-friendly concept which encourages return visits through its membership program. Our business model is easy to operate and provides you with a steady income with low start-up costs and minimal expenses. We have several exciting opportunities available throughout Canada.

How does the system work?

We offer clients a special introductory rate to try us out. Our simplistic approach allows clients to book online via our website or Facebook page. Clients can view appointments online and chose a therapist based on their specialty and qualifications. The booking process is easy and simple and can even be done from a smartphone. Many appointments are booked the same day! The clinics are very gender neutral which is important in developing a male clientele who may not be comfortable with a spa-like environment. After experiencing Massage Experts for the first time, clients are encouraged to sign-up for our monthly membership program. Clients enter into a contractual agreement for one year. They commit to one massage per month at a preferred members rate. There is no membership fee on top of that. Each month the client is sent an email reminder to book their appointment. Their credit card is then charged if they miss a month. The charged amount can then be credited to a second treatment during a following month.

Let’s talk insurance!

Do you think a member rate is a great deal? Most people don’t know that their Health Benefits Plan will most likely cover 80% of their treatment. In some cases, some plans cover 100%. By educating your clients that their monthly treatment could cost them as little as $0-$20, you are certain to build a loyal clientele very quickly! Ask yourself this question: Would you treat yourself to a 1-hour therapeutic massage each month for only $20? If the answer is yes, you now see how this business model can become a very rewarding business!