About Us

Massage Experts Mission

Founded in December 2012, Massage Experts is a growing and proud Canadian company. With our first clinic opening in New Brunswick in Spring 2013, we are now located from Alberta to Newfoundland and so many areas in between. Our service standards and dedication to both our Clinic Guests and our Team Members make us different from other membership clinics. We are a group of Franchisees, who are local business people within your communities, dedicated to helping you “Feel Better, More Often”. We are in the health and wellness industry as it appeals to us as business owners and people from all walks-of-life.

Our mission is simple

“To provide a professional massage therapy treatment, within a welcoming atmosphere, at a peace-of-mind price.”

We do this by hiring the right staff, for the right position.
We look for hospitable and helping personalities to cater to your service needs.

By joining onto the Massage Experts brand, business owners have corporate standards in which to abide and run their business by. Because of this you can be assured that dedication to cleanliness, service fundamentals, and industry guidelines are strictly upheld. We are here for you, the consumer, to experience and enjoy. Feel safe and confident within our clinics, and of course, feel very welcomed too!