Family Appointments

Your Children Need Massage

Their backpacks are heavy. Their desks are ideal for slouching. Their competitiveness can be forceful on the sports fields. Their necks are always hung positioned for reading a book or staring down into their devices. Our children also have their own unique experiences with stress from school happenings, family tension or quarrels, or even playtime with their peers. Their bodies can only take so much; they need the help and healing that a massage appointment can offer.It's time to start your whole family on a wellness program. Your children need massage!

Massage Therapy has been found effective to treat children suffering from:

  1. Depression or Anxiety
  2. Diabetes
  3. Asthma
  4. Arthritic problems of juvenile arthritis
  5. Hyperactivity Disorders
  6. Psychiatric Problems
Studies have also shared that autistic children also may benefit from massage therapy.Stress and pain can cause imbalances in the immune and hormonal systems. Regular Massage Therapy appointments can help a child reduce their stress levels, which in-turn may help the child to sleep better.Massage Therapy is proven to be safe and valuable to all family members, regardless of their ages. Children whether they be infants, preschoolers, teens or even young adults; can benefit. It's a time set-aside to help ease their body and mind. What better for your child than to get to know the many benefits of massage therapy early on; sparking a continued appreciation as they grow. An hour getaway from their every day, where no technology is involved, and they have no other option than to give into the relaxation to help their developing minds and muscles.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for children;

  1. Deeper and more sound sleep
  2. Increase body awareness and neurological development
  3. Stimulation of the physiological systems
  4. Decrease musculoskeletal pain and increase healing capability
  5. Decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)
 At Massage Experts, we make Family Appointments easy by having multiple treatment rooms available, with multiple Registered Massage Therapists. Many times, the whole family can come in during the same hour. Our Registered Massage Therapists will cater their treatment to your child's individual requirements and focus on creating a customized maintenance plan with their health goals in mind. Further, our clinics are opened extended hours and weekends. We can help you within your needed schedule.Contact your local clinic today to book a Family Appointment, or book easily online. Don't forget, Massage Experts offers the convenience of Insurance Direct Billing, for your convenience.