Corporate Wellness

Incorporate wellness into your corporate culture, with a visit from Massage Experts!

Many employees spend up to 60% or more of their waking lives in their workplace. Busy and fast-paced lives makes for high-demand on your employees' waking hours, leaving them starved for better health, wellness, and self-care. Have your local Massage Experts visit your workplace or event with our Registered Massage Therapists. Plan out your sessions based on a set number or sign up, or let your employees freely visit and enjoy a treatment. These can range from 5-minutes, 15-minutes, to a full hour session per person. Because our massage chairs and massage tables are portable, we can be location-flexible. Treatments can be done right in the general office area, or in a private room if available at your site. Your employees will experience renewed energy which will lead to increased productivity.Statistics Canada reveals that 83% of businesses cite stress as their major health risk. Research proves that Massage Therapy can help alleviate work-related stresses, as well as build immunity against many illnesses.
  • Workplace Wellness Events
  • Chair Mobile Massage Needs
  • Office and Event Mobile Massage
  • Employee Appreciation Days
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • National Workplace Wellness Events
  • ... and more!
Help decrease pain in shoulders, neck and back, or help with chronic headaches, fatigue, and even alleviate some of the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more. Enjoy our services randomly at need or event, or contact us about visiting on a more regular basis such as once-a-week, once-a-month, or any other time and duration based on your individual needs.
  • Reduce stress and the viral effects it can cause in the workplace
  • Develop greater company appreciation and retention, and heighten morale
  • Reduce sick days due to common cold and other basic illnesses
  • Decrease your employee turn-over rates
  • Lower stress and health related absenteeism
  • Fight work-related fatigue
  • Help your employees build a greater immune system to fight basic viruses
  • Increase problem solving aptitude of your management and staff
Regardless of the talent within your workplace, no one can function at full pace and deliver with today's high-levels when faced with pain and discomfort. Pain, stress, and self-negligence wear on a body and can cost large companies millions a year in lost productivity. Some of the solutions are right in front of us, and natural, including a monthly massage routine.Want to BOOST employee morale? Speak to your local clinic as well about purchasing bulk gift certificates for your office and give these away upon desired occasion to your well deserving staff.Increase employee retention and engagement, UP the office morale, and bring in the Experts!Lower Pain... and Increase Your Workplace Productivity! Contact your local Massage Experts location for details and pricing.Massage Experts clinic may also be available to help with conventions and conferences, tournaments, health fairs, trade shows, private corporate events, and more.
* Minimum of 4 hours are required per Registered Massage Therapist