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Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) and administration team are carefully chosen for their expert skills and friendly personality. Each RMT is part of their locally recognized massage college and regulating provincial association. We add to their experts status by investing in continuing education, which enhances their capabilities even further. We believe in our team, and it shows. Our goal is to provide you with an expert massage therapy experience, within a welcoming atmosphere, at a peace-of-mind price. We want to give you the best possible massage experience. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our friendly front desk staff members or speak to your RMT.

Career Opportunities

Massage Experts is always on the search for talented professionals! If you’re a Registered Massage Therapist who is ready to help people FEEL BETTER, MORE OFTEN, then apply today!

Send your resume to vaughan@massageexperts.ca.


RMT | Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

  • Brian graduated with honors from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1995. He has practiced in a variety of settings over his career including clinical work with two Thornhill chiropractors, a geriatric practice at a long term care facility and providing relaxation massages to vacationers at spas in Muskoka. Brian has also been contracted by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to create and proctor the profession's certification exams.

    He enjoys downhill skiing and cottaging in Muskoka with his wife of 41 years, children and grandchildren. Brian is excited to be joining the Massage Experts team and to be practicing in such a relaxing atmosphere.

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RMT | Humber College

  • Giancarlo graduated from Humber College as a Registered Massage Therapist. Giancarlo has treated a wide variety of patients during his internships and work experience. He has experience with athletes, pregnant and post-pregnancy women, infant massage, MVA, palliative care patients as well as the general population.  Giancarlo has also treated many different impairments which include upper back and neck pain, lower back pain, headaches or migraines, injuries and more.

    Giancarlo has always been interested in the human body and how it works, this is what drove him to become an RMT.  He has also grown up with a big interest in sports which includes playing hockey and soccer as well as being an avid sports watcher. Giancarlo wants to continue learning about the human body, its functional movements and how it can help him see muscular imbalances from a different perspective in order to achieve his patients’ goals.

    Giancarlo believes that with a combination of treatment, nutrition, exercise, and stretches, patients can relieve any muscular impairment that may be causing pain.

    “As a RMT I feel that it is my job to help people relax and ease them of the pains that they may be living with on a daily basis.  What I love about being a Registered Massage Therapist is when you see your patients leave feeling relieved of their pain with a smile on their face. To me, that is the greatest reward.” – Giancarlo Marcelli, RMT

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RMT | Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy

  • Robert is a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy.  Prior to attending Sutherland Chan, Robert graduated from York University with a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology. Spending most of his life playing sports at a high level, he has plenty of experience with sports injury and recovery. He believes in the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to increase performance. Robert specializes in using several swedish massages and stretching techniques in combination with relaxation treatments, tailoring to each of his client's needs.

    My goal as a therapist is to help my clients feel better living their day-to-day lives. When required I provide clients with additional stretches/exercises to take home to support, maintenance and overall well-being.  My philosophy is to bring awareness to bodily functions and how you can repair, prevent, and treat body stress or injury.

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Jaskirat (Kirat)

RMT | National institute

  • Massage therapy is an important modality for enhancing overall health and well-being. My primary focus is to create a safe and effective plan to achieve the best outcome. Massage therapy helps with physical stress as well as mental stress. I enjoy bringing relief to my patients through my techniques and treatments and guiding them to their goals in health and pain relief. I also focus on providing the best home care to my patients based on their treatment plan and educating them on the importance of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Yeonah (Annie)

RMT | Medix College of Healthcare - Toronto

  • Of course, relaxation massage has a big role in calming your sympathetic nervous system. But there are lots more to massage therapy than just the relaxation part. Us Registered Massage Therapists are healthcare professionals who take care of your injured or sore muscles, fascia, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc. I am here to treat you and guide you to a faster recovery for your healthier life!
    After becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, I continued my journey of learning and attained certificates of continuing education courses including but not limited to Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (at McMaster University), medical cupping, IASTM therapy, prenatal massage, sports massage and TMJ treatments.

    I take pride in being a good listener and a creative thinker as a manual therapist. These personalities allow me to identify the root of pain faster, and design treatments combined with home care strategies tailored to your needs for a greater outcome.

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RMT | Humber College

  • Hello and welcome!

    I graduated from the Humber College Massage Therapy Program. I was able to gain valuable clinical experience with a variety of populations.

    Over the past 3 years, I was grateful for the opportunity to have interned and worked with many individuals such as palliative, long-term care, infants, neurological conditions, aches and pain,mental health and more! Since I was little, I always found an interest in the health care field. In the past, I became a personal trainer & found that I wanted to do more and get more involved with hands on care. This is where I developed my love for Massage Therapy! l as your Massage Therapist will always provide you with attentiveness, actively listen, support your goals to the best of my abilities and provide you with a tailored treatment plan that is just for you.

    Our everyday activities/jobs can sometimes contribute to aches and pains throughout the body and we aren't well aware until it worsens. This is why physical maintenance is extremely important and why Massage Therapy can help tend to the needs of healing and relaxation.

    Can’t wait to work with you!


RMT | Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology

  • I am a graduate of Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology. I love to spend time with my family specially hiking. I have been inspired since childhood to become an RMT.

    Massage has personally helped me prevent injuries, reducing pain and muscle soreness/ tension, reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

    My specialities are Swedish massage, Prenatal massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point massage, Traditional Thai massage and Hot stone massage. I pay attention to my client, observe how the client is responding and adjust the pressure accordingly or keep it consistent and comfortable.

    I love my profession. It allows me to helps others which brings me joy and comfort.



  • Lekha is a Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario.   She is passionate about healing through the modality of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and has over 15 years of knowledge and experience with treating sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.  Lekha has also specialized infertility and in dermatological conditions such as acne and eczema.
    Lekha uses acupuncture, cupping, acupressure and moxabustion in her treatments.

    Lekha is a great believer in always learning and growing and has continued expanding her knowledge and experience in this vast and ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She practices with the intention that healing includes the mind, emotions and body.

Hyun Sang An (Seon)

RMT | Pharma-Medical science college of Canada

  • I believe in working towards  better lifestyle and keeping body functional.  Through  massage therapy you can not only  address pain but also improve your mental health!

    My therapy is  patient centered  and mainly focuses on chronic fatigue with stiffness and pain, injuries from sports activities, repetitive daily routine, and many more reasons which may concern you ? If you need deep tissue pressure? You can rely on me.

    For more than a decade I have been engaged in various sports events and activities therefore i can associate and understand your concerns well. I have also worked with people with disability. Problem solving together i my motto !

    I can read body and enjoy to meet people in my clinic!