Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology practitioners provide knowledgeable gentle stimulation of nerve endings to increase blood circulation, which leads to the elimination of toxins via the lymphatic circulation path. The outcome being that the body is encouraged to heal itself naturally. A reduction of stress is generally experienced during treatments, as well as a deep, satisfying relaxation. Our emotions are tied to our body feelings and therefore a state of physical relaxation can produce significant reduction of mental stress. Your practitioner may choose to work only on the feet, or the hands, or the ears, depending on your specific health requirements. Each session can last between 40-60 minutes depending on the number of items being worked on. *** (Treatment provided by a certified reflexology therapist, naturopath or RMT and may (or may not) be covered under naturopathy or massage therapy under eligible insurance policies) ***

  • Your treatment time includes consultation and change time.
  • Club MEx member pricing applied at time of appointment.
  • Members and non-members are welcome in our clinics.
  • 90 and 120 mins treatments may be available by phone.
  • Under 16 requires a parental signature to receive treatment.
  • Expecting Moms, please note number of weeks in your booking notes.
60 minutes session

$99.99Member Price

$119.99Non Member Price

90 minutes session

$144.99Member Price

$174.99Non Member Price

Is this Your First Visit?

  1. Please arrive 15-minutes early to fill out your initial Health History Form, or click DOWNLOAD to submit your form online.
  2. Leave your cellphone in the car to avoid the beeps you know you are going to want to check.
  3. Do not eat just before your massage, but also do not come in famished.
  4. Enjoy several long deep breaths even before you walk into the clinic.
  5. Ensure that your restroom duties have been fulfilled prior to your treatment.
  6. If your mind cannot relax into the treatment, try focusing on what muscles your therapist is working on and concentrating on how the work feels on your muscles.