Cold Laser Auriculotherapy

Cold Laser Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine in which the therapist stimulates points located on the ear to adjust the patient’s imbalances, without a needle but with the use of a soft laser and cold. This is an ancient painless technique and has been officially recognized by the World Health Organization in 1987. A working group convened by World Health Organization standardized the nomenclature of 43 ear points in 1990.

This technique allows in particular:

  • Reduce whole body pain such as osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, sciatica, neck pain, migraines, and shoulder and knee pain. By releasing endorphin, a hormone that increases resistance to pain.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce sleep disturbances by increasing sleep duration and quality.

It is also indicated as support in weight loss programs and for smoking cessation, drugs and alcohol, known as the NADA protocol (National Association for Detoxification of Acupuncture)

The session lasts 30 minutes per ear and is repeated as needed.

We recommend that you bring shorts or leggings and a comfortable loose t-shirt or camisole top which will allow the various manual naturopathic techniques on your body.

  • Your session  time includes consultation and change time.
  • Expecting Moms, please note number of weeks in your booking notes.
  • Under 16: Requires a parental signature to receive a session.
  • Member discounts applied at check-in
60 minutes session

79.99Member Price

99.99Non Member Price

Is this Your First Visit?

  1. Please arrive 15-minutes early to fill out your initial Health History Form or download it now and bring it with you to your appointment.
  2. Leave your cellphone in the car to avoid the beeps you know you are going to want to check.
  3. Do not eat just before your massage, but also do not come in famished.
  4. Enjoy several long deep breaths even before you walk into the clinic.
  5. Ensure that your restroom duties have been fulfilled prior to your treatment.
  6. If your mind cannot relax into the treatment, try focusing on what muscles your therapist is working on and concentrating on how the work feels on your muscles.