Insurance Billing

Massage Experts Offers Direct Billing!

Massage Experts helps ease muscle tension, and financial stress! We offer insurance direct billing for your therapeutic massage service!

Massage Therapy is covered in most employee group insurance benefits. Many people do not know this, so a large portion of their hard-earned insurance benefits go unused. These benefits cannot be carried over year-to-year, so they are simply lost. Life is stressful, and our bodies carry so many stresses and so much tension within them; you deserve to use these massage benefits. They help you feel better, without relying solely on the use of medications.

Electronic Direct Billing is available through a number of major insurance providers. Because we offer Registered Massage Therapists who meet the needs of their Province's recognized massage associations, we can then offer you either insurance receipts, or direct billing. Your massage visit, in conjunction with your insurance direct billing, may be less than the cost of your daily venti latté! Many insurances cover 80-100% per visit.

Each insurance company's policy is different; some may offer direct billing, some may not. Others require a doctor's note, some may not. It is up to you to verify this information with either your employer or your insurance provider before assuming direct billing can be processed on your behalf. Massage Experts does not charge a processing fee to submit electronic billing for you. *****

Insurance Direct Billing is available to:

  • Alberta Blue Cross (1-800-661-6995)
  • Benecaid (1-877-797-7448)
  • BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators (1-800-867-5615)
  • Canada Life (
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union (416-240-0047)
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan (1-800-665-3365)
  • CINUP (1-800-665-1234)
  • ClaimSecure (1-888-513-4464)
  • Co-operators Group Ltd. (1-800-265-2662)
  • Cowan (1-888-509-7797)
  • D.A. Townley (1-800-663-1356)
  • Desjardins (1-800-463-7843) **
  • Empire Life (1-877-548-1881)
  • Equitable Life of Canada ( 1-800-265-4556)
  • First Canadian Insurance Corporation (1-866-212-5644)
  • GMS Carrier 49 (1-800-667-3699)
  • GMS Carrier 50 (1-800-667-3699)
  • Green Shield Canada (1-888-711-1119)
  • GroupHEALTH (1-833-344-6944)
  • GroupSource (1-888-547-6947)
  • Honeybee (1-866-626-6642)
  • Industrial Alliance Insurance (1-877-422-6487)
  • Johnson Inc. (1-866-773-5467)
  • Johnston Group (1-800-893-7587)
  • LiUNA Local 183 (416-240-2103)
  • LiUNA Local 506 (416-506-8841)
  • Manion (1-800-263-5621)
  • Manulife (1-866-407-7878) ***
  • Maximum Benefit (1-800-893-7587)
  • Médavie Blue Cross (1-888-873-9200)
  • NexgenRx (1-866-424-0257)
  • People Corporation (1-800-875-7982)
  • RWAM (1-877-888-7926)
  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross (1-800-873-2583)
  • SSQ Insurance (1-888-651-8181)
  • Standard Life (1-800-499-4415)
  • Sun Life Financial (1-855-301-4786)
  • TELUS AdjudiCare (1-877-944-7100)
  • Union Benefits (1-800-265-2568)

Specialty Insurance Direct Billing is also available to:

  • Members of the R.C.M.P.
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) ****

You will want to ask your insurer or employer:

  • How much you are covered for yearly?
  • Is there a deductible you should know about?
  • How much are you covered on a per treatment basis?
  • Do you require a yearly Doctor's note?
  • Does your plan offer Direct Billing, or do you have to submit the receipts yourself?

What we require from you:

  • We will ask to scan your insurance card upon it's first use.
  • Thereafter we will have this on file for your return visits.
  • We will ask if you have a Doctor's note or not. If so, we will scan this to keep it on file.
  • We will ask that you sign a release letter, depending on the insurance provider, which then allows us to process this for you.

Please Note:

  • It is your responsibility to know your available amount of coverage and keep track of balances from this coverage. Due to confidentiality, Insurance Companies do not share with us your balances.
  • We are unable to check balances, statements, limits, and the policies of your benefits plan.
  • In the event that your insurance repayment cannot be assigned to our clinic, we will process the insurance to go to you. When that happens, an insurance receipt and explanation will be offered to you upon check-out.
Insurance direct billing is a privilege. It is done through the Internet in third-party technology. Massage Experts can only offer this privilege when these technologies and the appropriate insurance systems are in working order, and if your group policy allows for direct billing. There are times when the insurance systems have experienced down-times. However, this is a rare occasion. Upon this occasion, you are responsible for the full payment of the massage service. You would then be given an insurance receipt to then submit yourself after your visit.** Desjardins Insurance will not pay the clinic directly, you will need to pay for the treatment, and get reimbursed directly from Desjardins. *** If you are insured with Manulife, you will need to pre-register on their website first, before electronic direct billing can be done. **** Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) billing can be arranged on a by-clinic and by-case basis. ***** Please note that due to the varied massage associations service provider requirements, and insurance regulations in the Province of Quebec, direct billing is not common and only available through Médavie Blue Cross. This depends on the service provider directly as well as your policy, and is not guaranteed. For all other insurance companies, you will receive a receipt of service with the information required to submit the claim on your own.