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Massage Therapy Myths Debunked | Massage Experts

5 Massage Myths Debunked As massage therapy has become more popular as a therapeutic practice over the years, it has been associated with numerous claims of varying accuracy. While massage has an enormous amount of proven benefits, there are some common myths often associated with it. To help set the record straight, we’re debunking five …

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Prolong Massage Effects

How to Prolong the Positive Effects of Massage Therapy

How to prolong the positive effects of massage therapy There’s something special about the relaxed, rejuvenated feeling you get after massage therapy. It’s a feeling many of us often wish we could make last a while longer.  While the wonderfully relaxed sensation you experience from massage therapy sessions can’t last forever, there are a few …

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The Administrative Athlete: Office Workers and Massage Therapy

Office workers need massage therapy just as much as athletes do. Maybe more! It doesn’t seem physically hard, does it? You sit for eight hours a day in front of a computer. Maybe you walk to lunch, or down the hall to a meeting, but that’s about it. Now you ask, how can this be …

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Benefits of Stretching to Get More from Massage Therapy

Benefits of Stretching to Get More from Massage Therapy Whether you’re an armchair athlete or a decorated Olympian, it’s a good idea to warm up and cool down your muscles with some stretching before and after exercise. Stretching leads to positive, prolonged results when combined with massage therapy. In fact, the best outcomes are typically …

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5 Home Massage Tips for Stress Relief

Desk massage ideas for working professionals How many hours each day do you spend sitting at a desk while working at a computer? How many more do you spend holding a phone or tablet in your hands, tapping away at it? For many working professionals, the amount of sedentary screen time in our daily existence …

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