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Dedicated to our past, present and future clients of Massage Experts, we introduce The Feel Better Blog. All blogs have been curated by Massage Experts staff. Therefore, the blogs provide an educational and informative outlook on the importance of integrating Wellness into one’s lifestyle.

Give your body AND mind what it needs. If this is just beginning to spark an interest in you, or you have already started your journey, or are an expert at this. This blog has everything you need to learn, educate others, and better yourself.

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5 Back-To-School Wellness Tips | Massage Experts

Back-to-school season is here, which for some can mean hectic mornings feeling rushed, stressed, and overwhelmed. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone! This past year has undoubtedly been full of twists and turns that no one could have expected, and this school year is no exception. Whether your child is going back to …

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4 Benefits of Massage Therapy in the Summer | Massage Experts

How Massage Therapy Can Help You Enjoy Summer Activities Even More Summer is here, and so are all the exciting activities many of us can enjoy again. Whether you like to fill your schedule with things to do, or you prefer to take a more relaxing approach to the heat, feeling your best is incredibly …

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How Massage Can Help with Migraine Symptoms | Massage Experts

If you experience migraines, you know firsthand how debilitating they can be. The intense symptoms such as a throbbing head, nausea, and sensitivity to light can often leave you wondering what the best solution is to help stop the pain and prevent another from occurring. Massage is a well-known treatment for migraines, and there’s research …

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How Can Massage Therapy Help With Lockdown Burnout?

Have you found that your productivity levels have started to dwindle the longer the COVID-19 pandemic continues? Has living through a pandemic caused your mood to feel down and stress levels to go up? If so, you are not alone. Lockdown burnout is a new term that has come out of this pandemic, and it …

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Massage Therapy for Children: Is It Needed? Is It Safe does it Work?

Massage therapy is now so widespread that most people, even if they haven’t had it themselves, understand the need and the benefits.  But…massage therapy for children? Don’t kids always “bounce back”? Don’t kids heal more quickly? Do kids really need techniques that are more associated with aging? The answers may surprise you. Can children benefit …

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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors | Massage Experts

What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors?  Maintaining a healthy mind and body is important at any age, which makes massage therapy a great option for those looking to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing by alleviating aches, pain, injury, stress, etc. For aging adults, massage therapy can be especially appealing because of …

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The Benefits of Massage Consistency for Your Muscles | Massage Experts

Massage therapy includes the word therapy for a reason – one session might leave you feeling great, but the consistency of repeated sessions can result in accumulating benefits for your muscles, joints, and overall wellbeing over a long-term basis. Our muscles can benefit immensely from massage as it can help relieve areas that cause tightness, …

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3 Reasons Why Sports Massage Therapy Positively Impacts Your Performance

Sports Massage Therapy is essential for active individuals when it comes to reducing stress on joints and muscles, optimizing performance, and preventing injury. We recommend that athletes and other active individuals implement regular sports massage into their training regimen or lifestyle to positively impact performance and endurance. Sports Massage differs from a “classic” massage in …

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How Often Should I Get a Massage?

One question I get asked frequently in my practice is, “How often should I get a massage?”  My answer? It depends. The frequency of appointments comes down to why you seek massage therapy in the first place. Today, we’ll explore the two main reasons you could be getting treated by an RMT. Keep reading to …

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Benefits of Prenatal Massage – What to Know Before you go

What are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage? The soothing and rejuvenating effects of massage therapy are of great benefit to many pregnant women. Massage is often a particularly welcome way to work out the body pains, strains, and stresses that so many women experience while they’re expecting. Prenatal massage is specially designed to safely bring …

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