I think we all can collectively agree that everyone loves vacations – the benefits are never-ending!

The excitement of discovering new places, exotic sights, and foods, fun with the kids…and most of all, that much-needed break from the working world. We eagerly plan, we count down the days, and usually, we can’t wait until the next one.

Physical stress? Wear and tear? Oh, sure – we don’t deny it. But we don’t think about the potential damage to our bodies, and the need to repair that damage when we return.

Vacation Side Effects
  • Prolonged bad posture – on a long car ride, or in an airline seat, or simply too many hours sitting in one spot
  • Lifting and carrying heavy luggage (and, perhaps, kids!)
  • Jet lag and lack of sleep
  • Too much rich or salty food
  • Aches and pains (if not injuries) from sports, especially if you haven’t done them since the previous vacation
  • Uncomfortable sleep in a new bed

Most of us just accept it as part of the price of a holiday. We might even joke about needing a “vacation from the vacation.”:

Post-Vacation Massage

But there is no reason to neglect our bodies during the trip, and even more so, no reason to continue that neglect after we return. Therefore, gentle stretching every day, plus lots of water, will help keep your body in better health. And then, promptly on your return, schedule a Massage Therapy session. There are many good reasons:

  • To relieve the aches and pains you may have acquired while traveling
  • An important check to make sure they are only minor aches and pains, and nothing more serious is going on
  • Reduce your anxiety and mental stress (because let’s face it, the logistics of getting there and getting back can be very stressful)
  • It will help good sleeping habits

In fact, the benefits of that post-vacation massage are so significant, that you should book the appointment before you go away. Make it an automatic part of your vacation checklist!

So give the team at Massage Experts a call and book an appointment with one of our Registered Massage Therapists and best of all we can do direct insurance billing so the cost can be covered.  Your pre and post-vacation getaway await!


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