There are a variety of massage techniques for you and yours to enjoy and feel better by. Massage can promote healing from pain and discomfort, and massage can promote relaxation and wellness within. At Massage Experts, our Registered Massage Therapists are specially trained with a minimum of 2200 hours to cater to your individual body needs.

Therapeutic Massage
A Therapeutic Massage is a massage treatment option which encompasses many areas such as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Work and other body treating techniques. It is customized to your individual requirements and can be catered to your personal pressure preferences.

Relax'Ology Massage
Sheer your time to relax and unwind in the welcoming Massage Experts environment. Our Registered Massage Therapists will talk to you about any preferences you may have, and go forward for this time in quiet and allowance for your body and mind to decompress and ignore the World's tensions and stresses for your scheduled massage time. 

Prenatal Massage
A personalized treatment with a therapeutic approach, offering relief for our many to-be mamas! A massage is a healthy way to help with the aches and pains, along with potential discomfort that comes with pregnancy. Our Registered Massage Therapists will cater their treatment to your individual requirements. 

Hot Stone Massage
A personalized approach offering various Relaxation and Therapeutic techniques, using the application of smooth and hot massage stones on key part of your body, to help promote a deep sense of healing and relaxation. Our Registered Massage Therapists will cater their treatment to your individual requirements.

At Massage Experts we offer direct billing to MOST major insurance companies. Have your policy and ID number available upon check in, and allow us to do the billing for you. Your out-of-pocket expense might be less than $12! Contact your insurance provider today to see if this benefit of direct billing applies to you. Should you have any questions, contact your local Massage Experts clinic.