Alana Gibbens
Registered Massage Therapist
Western College of Remedial Therapy, June 2015
Alana graduated from Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy Advanced program in June 2015.  Her studies included therapeutic and relaxation massage.  Swedish massage, assessment and treatment in remedial therapy.  She also completed and is certified in all aspects of Sports Massage.  Alana has been working closely with seniors and special needs clientele.  Going to extra measures to adapt treatment plans to achieve fulfilling results for client and their family members with whom she works closely with.  Having clients that non-communicative or not able to articulate well; palpatory combined with visual assessment has become very acute accomplished great results for everyone.  Meeting new people and working with them towards a therapeutic goal developed together is the delight of the job for Alana. 
"Choose a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life."

Jessica Isted
Western College of Remedial Therapy, June 2017

Jessica graduated from Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies (WCRMT) with over 2300 hours of training. She is please to offer her guest various therapeutic techniques such as Swedish, Relaxation and Deep  Tissue. She also specializing in Pediatric  Massage Therapy, she trained with The Liddle Kidz Foundation where she obtained  certification in Pediatric Massage, and Touch Therapy with kids with cancer and autism.

Jessica is also certified Reiki Practiotioner, for her, practicing Reiki lets her stay in touch with energy basis of healing which helps other to be more self aware and open to self healing.

Jessica offers services to all ages (2 months and up) and will specialize treatment plans to help facilitate overall health.

"No matter the age, our bodies endure many physical changes creating adaptions that cause discomfort and stress."

Kaitlyn Mackin
Registered Massage Therapist
Western College of Remedial Therapist in Regina, June 2014

Kaitlyn is very passionate about life as a Massage Therapist, and helping those around her. She graduated in 2014 from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies, here in Regina. Thereafter she practiced massage at a well-renown, national brand, spa in Calgary. She has now returned home and looks forward to meeting and helping her community. She loves meeting new clients, and helping them work on their overall health and wellness routines. Kaitlyn enjoys integrating various therapeutic techniques into all her treatments. Her goal is to make you feel rejuvenated, but also help the issue presented to her. The head, neck, and shoulders area is one of her specialties. Say goodbye to those painful knots by coming in and saying hello, to a treatment from Kaitlyn! 

Melissa Batty
Registered Massage Therapists
Western College of Remedial Therapist in Regina, June 2016

The greatest decision Melissa has ever made, was becoming a Registered Massage Therapist! Out of high school Melissa went straight into university, and soon realized that what she thought she wanted to be, was not what she was meant to be. She had a different calling. After a few years of working in the various job markets, she began to grow and understand herself more, and had the feeling that life was pushing her towards a future and destiny of helping and healing others. After learning about Massage Therapy, she started the course and knew that this would be a fulfilling career, and on she would be proud of. Melissa graduated in June 2016 from the Western College of Remedial Therapies in Regina. She enjoys offering various therapeutic techniques, but also incorporating slight relaxation techniques to help both your body, and your soul. Over and above Massage Therapy, Melissa is also certified in cupping massage, and is working towards her Reiki certification.

Morley Shanner
Registered Massage Therapist
Western College of Remedial Therapist in Regina, 1994

With 24 year of experience, Morley has been a highly sought-after RMT since 1993. He is a life-long learner, with a passion to help others in their health and wellness goals. His techniques include a more Swedish-based style. He will gradually work at your muscles to help release them fluidly, instead of forcefully. Various effleurage strokes with medium trigger point work will constitute most of your session. Morley looks forward to meeting you soon, and seeing you more often thereafter as you work towards better health and mobility.